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As you get older, you face a new set of worries. What could happen if you suffer from an illness or become incapacitated? How can you still ensure your family is protected?

At Morris & McClimon Attorneys at Law, PLLC, we can help you find the answers to these questions and plan for the future. We understand how sensitive elder law matters can be. Our Texas lawyers tailor their services to the individual needs of each client. We have our roots in this community, and we provide reliable and trusted services on a wide range of matters.

Certain estate planning documents, such as a will or testamentary trust only kick in after death. Our attorneys have experience creating comprehensive estate plans that also account for incapacity when a client is unable to make decisions. We are also able to step in with solutions when a loved one did not leave a living will or powers or attorney.

Making Health Care Plans And Directives

Health care planning is one of the most important aspects of elder law, and our compassionate advocates can help you reduce your stress and understand your options moving forward. Options exist to plan ahead, including:

  • Medicaid planning: We can explain the rules, assist in putting together a comprehensive strategy to protect assets and help you apply for necessary benefits when the time comes.
  • Health care directives: A living will, or health care directive, allows you the opportunity to share your wishes if incapacitated. This may include a "Do Not Resuscitate" request and include a more detailed guidance about treatments you would/would not want.
  • Powers of attorney: Our attorneys will explain the various options available. In general, powers of attorney appoint a trusted friend or relative to make medical or financial decisions on your behalf.

Protecting Your Loved Ones With A Guardianship

If an elderly loved one becomes incapacitated or is no longer able to care for themselves, it may become necessary to ask the court to formally appoint a guardian. A guardian can be a trusted family member, friend or an official who is responsible for:

  • Providing necessary care for your loved one, such as food and shelter
  • Making medical treatment and care decisions
  • Keeping records of all financial transactions made on your loved one's behalf

In some situations, it may be possible to split guardianship duties between two people. One individual might handle the day-to-day decisions related to housing and treatment, while the other has a finance background and pays the bills and handles the bookkeeping.

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