Resolving Tax Issues For Businesses And Individuals

Tax law is complex and often subject to change. Starting a business comes with decisions that will affect how taxes are paid for many years to come. By seeking sound legal advice from a tax attorney, it is possible to avoid mistakes. And if the IRS or Texas Comptroller has sent a letter, it is critical to obtain sound legal advice right away.

Located in Smithville, Morris & McClimon Attorneys at Law, PLLC, serves business clients and individuals across Bastrop County. One of our founding attorneys, Dareld Morris, worked for the Internal Revenue Service and understands state and federal tax law. Few other attorneys in the Lost Pines region have this background.

Tax Planning

Tax planning dovetails with many of our other practice areas. Business entity structure can affect an overall tax burden for self-employed entrepreneurs. Changes to flow through taxation rules could also have an impact as tax reform goes into effect.

Even though the federal estate tax exemption has been increased and will likely entrap fewer estates, tax issues must still be considered in the estate planning conversation.

Responding To An Audit

The IRS has an automated system for selecting returns to audit, in addition to looking for mismatches in information. The Texas Comptroller has also been becoming more aggressive with state and local tax compliance. We can help develop a strategy to resolve the following types of matters:

  • Business and individual state or federal tax audits
  • Misclassification of workers
  • Claims of unpaid state sales and use taxes

Representation From A Tax Attorney

Complicated tax problems require more than accounting acumen to solve. An audit of an income tax return can even lead to criminal charges if not handled correctly.

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