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Estate planning can be crucial for the future

For people in Texas concerned about providing for their loved ones and preparing for the future, estate planning is a must. This process involves the creation of certain documents, like wills, trusts and powers of attorney, in order to arrange for how a person's assets will be handled through their life and after death. It can also address key concerns like how decisions will be made on key matters like healthcare or finances in case a person is incapacitated. While many people recognize just how important it can be to draw up an estate plan, 55 percent of Americans do not have the most basic document: a will.

Should you start a sole proprietorship or LLC?

As an entrepreneur, you may be wondering what business entity you should form. The company type you choose will affect how you will pay business taxes and how much personal liability you will risk. If you are starting out on your own, you may be trying to decide between starting a sole proprietorship or limited liability company.  

Pitfalls to avoid in creating a trust

A trust can be a powerful tool as part of a Texas resident's estate plan. Assets such as annuities or life insurance policies can be placed in a trust so they can increase in value while tax deferred or tax free. A person can also place conditions on distributions such as having them go to a beneficiary over a period of time or after reaching certain milestones. The grantor may have a goal for the trust, such as providing for the education of grandchildren, that can be written into the document.

Distracted driving across the country

When drivers in Texas get behind the wheel, there is an approximately 39 percent chance that they will be using a handheld mobile phone while driving. This is on the higher end of the results produced by a nationwide study conducted by Everdrive, a mobile app. The application tracks drivers' safety practices, with their consent, and the study obtained data from 300,000 American drivers who make use of the app.

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