How drivers in Texas can defuse road rage

Road rage can arise on the highway, in parking lots and any other place where one driver happens to offend another. The following are a few tips that drivers should consider the next time they become angry on the road. The first tip is, of course, to stay calm. If someone cuts them off, drivers should not honk the horn, flash the high beams or make inflammatory hand gestures.

There are various ways to stay calm. For example, playing music is known to relieve stress. Drivers should keep from tightly gripping the steering wheel because this will constrict blood flow and cause headaches. If a parking space is stolen, drivers should give that person the benefit of the doubt and assume that he or she did not see them.

Drivers should never make eye contact with others, as this could challenge their sense of superiority. On multi-lane highways, they should never speed up or slow down to get bullying drivers off their back; this could inadvertently block a passing lane. The best thing to do is signal a right turn, letting the other driver know they will turn as soon as it's safe.

In traffic jams, impatient drivers may get very close to one's bumper. Drivers should add a few extra feet of distance from the car in front for any quick escapes.

When an angry driver causes an auto accident, his or her auto insurance company may have to face a personal injury claim. Victims who are not to blame or who are only partially to blame might benefit from consulting with a lawyer for a case evaluation. The lawyer may opt to hire medical experts to determine the extent of the injuries and investigators to prove the other's negligence and recklessness. The lawyer might then negotiate for a settlement, covering medical expenses and other legitimate losses.

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