How to talk to your doctor about your car crash

Automobile crashes on Texas’s many roadways are not exactly rare. In fact, in 2017, roughly 17,500 individuals sustained a serious injury in a car crash in the Lone Star State. There were also more than 3,700 traffic fatalities that year. 

Even though a car crash occurs in Texas about every minute, you may never find yourself in the middle of one. If you do, though, you must work diligently to pursue compensation from the driver(s) who caused the collision. You must also focus on recovering from your injuries. Here are five tips for talking to your doctor about your car crash: 

1. Make an appointment 

Analyzing your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing after an automobile collision can be challenging. After all, some injuries do not appear for days or weeks after a crash. Therefore, you should never assume you are fine. Instead, make an appointment and ask your doctor to complete a full examination. 

2. Prepare yourself 

Not everyone enjoys going to the doctor. Even if you dread your appointment, you want it to be productive. Accordingly, try to prepare yourself for the meeting. To do so, obtain your medical file. Also, create a list of current prescriptions (including supplements and vitamins) and allergies. With a bit of preparation, you can get more out of your appointment. 

3. Discuss relevant facts 

Your doctor has a few diagnostic tools to determine if you have sustained an injury. An important resource, of course, is you. Give your doctor pertinent information by discussing relevant facts. Also, tell your physician about your current symptoms and previous medical conditions. 

4. Avoid admitting fault 

As mentioned, for your doctor to treat you effectively, he or she must know how the accident happened. Your physician does not, though, need to know who you think is to blame for the collision. Therefore, try not to admit fault. 

5. Ask about follow-up care 

Following any automobile crash, you must prioritize your recovery. If you want to feel like your old self again, you must follow your doctor’s recommendations. Doing so is also a good idea for a potential personal injury case. That is, if you fail to follow your doctor’s orders, an insurance adjuster may argue that your injuries are not severe. 

You simply cannot ignore your health after an automobile accident. With a bit of effort and some effective communication, you boost your chances both of recovering fully and moving on with your life.

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