Some cities are safer than others for drivers

In 2017, roughly 6,452,000 drivers throughout America were involved in automobile accidents. Generally speaking, accidents are more likely to occur in large cities where there is more traffic on roads and highways. According to the 2019 America's Safe Drivers Report, Brownsville, Texas is the safest city to drive in. An individual in that city can go up to 15 years without getting into a wreck. Baltimore was the city where a person was most likely to encounter unsafe driving.

Those who drive on Highway 695 were the most likely to get into an accident while driving there. Other cities on the list of most dangerous places to drive include Washington D.C., Boston and Los Angeles. Highway 295 was the riskiest road in Washington D.C while Route 93 took that honor in Boston. In Los Angeles, motorists were at a higher risk of a crash while on the 405 Freeway.

While New York drivers are thought of as aggressive, not a single city in the state was among the top 15 most dangerous. After Brownsville, cities such as Boise and Kansas City were among those that had the safest drivers. In Boise, a driver could expect to go an average of 13.65 years between accidents. In Kansas City, drivers could expect to go an average of 13.21 years between motor vehicle crashes.

Individuals who are involved in auto accidents may benefit from hiring an attorney to help with their cases. Doing so might make it easier to obtain the compensation that they could be entitled to either in a settlement or after a trial. Compensation may help to pay medical bills and other expenses such as lost wages, lost future earnings and to replace items that were lost or damaged in the accident itself.

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